Country Acres Assisted Living
        2470 Collison Drive / Westminster, MD 21157

Business Office
(410) 751-7714
Residents and Caregivers (410) 857-7441
  1. Country Acres Building
  2. Title 4
  3. Title 6
  4. Title 8

Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family
I ndividualized Resident centered care is at the heart of everything we do at Country Acres.
  We strive to create the most satisfying assisted living experience possible. 
The safety of our residents comes first, their happiness second and everything else falls third. 
When you are a resident at Country Acres, you are not a burden. 
You are a blessing and our choosen family.  
    Please call (410) 751-7714 to schedule a tour or to find out about our many volunteer opportunities.